Not a shooting game

MARUMARU is a game in which you dodge your enemies (MARU). It seems like a shooting game at first glance. How could it be anything else?
But in fact, it isn't. The game focuses on dodging your enemies to progress. Dodging enemies replaces attacks in this game.
MARUMARU is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone who was once a kid and people who are still kid at heart (and of course, those who are neither!).
You can download it here for free (App Store).

Use the Quick Move!

You have the powerful support of Quick Move.
When you use this, you can move quickly for a moment, as if you are jumping backward. Even if an enemy is blocking you nearby, use this move to jump over them.

*And...something good might happen if you brush an enemy during a Quick Move!

In a pinch? Use the Shave Vanish!

MARUMARU is a game that involves dodging enemies. However, it's not just about running away.
When you are near an enemy, you get a Shave Bonus.
When the Shave Bonus bar fills up, Shave Vanish is set in motion!
All enemies on screen disappear as bonuses, and you can be invincible for a short time.

*If you brush an enemy during Quick Move, you get 5 times the Shave Bonus! It can be dangerous, but worth the risk.

Run through the 7 stages ...but 2 bosses block your path.

7 unique stages will greet you in this game.
But beating them won't be that easy...because of the bosses.

The Gate Keeper will block your way, as you progress through the levels. This special boss MARU will put your skills to the test.

For those of you who break past the first boss, the last boss will appear after a short break, prepared with frightening attacks.
However, you have an unlimited number of continues. You will be able to overcome even the attacks from this last boss.

This game supports GameCenter. Take the challenge and play.

You can download MARUMARU here (App Store)